The Menorbi Partnership

Session #39 - May 11, 2023


1100-175 2100 – Aboard the Azhanti High Lightning in Orbit Around Djinni 

2100 – 2200  In order to find the missing TDX and other materiel- 

  • Alric begins to review sensor data, to see what he can find out.
  • Froge decides to meet with the Executive Officer of the Azhanti High Lightning to run a series of surprise inspections. He hopes that may at least make one or two people nervous. And, they may know the preferred hidey holes too.
  • Leah begins a computer audit, which she expects to take another three hours.
  • Martaan tracks down Ujilka Roberts, who initially warned them about the missing explosives.

2100 – 2130 - Froge and Martaan decide to work together, and begin by interviewing Ujilka. They are looking for the name of the person aboard the High Lightning who tends to deal in contraband. Ujilka gives them the name "Helene Jordaine", but tells them that she'll ask Helene on their behalf, so she doesn't get spooked.

2100 – 2200 - Alric, working with Pinkie, goes through all the sensor data, trying to determine if there is any involvement by the We, via their psionic ability. They quickly rule it out. 

2130 – 2200 - Froge and Martaan meet the Executive Officer, Rodolpho Candee, of the Azhanti High Lightning, in his office. Present is Warrant Officer Skelm Chaukanna, head of shipboard security. They are eager to secure the TDX, as it poses a huge risk to the ship and the lives of the crew. They report that an officer who typically does supply runs, Jase Hoombin, was registered by sensors as absent for 24 hours during the same time that the door to the Ancients' complex was opened. 

2200 - Ujilka comms Martaan and Froge, "Not her."

2200 – 2215 - Leah decides to try her psionic clairvoyance ability to search the entire Azhanti High Lightning for the missing TDX. She locates it in something she understands to be a ship's cargo hold, but can't identify it. She comms the rest of the crew of the Delight, and Froge is able to identify it, from Leah's description, as the hold of a 200T free trader. And, there happens to be a 200T free trader in the hold of the Azhanti High Lightning, used to deliver cargo to the Marines basecamp.

2216 – 2230 - While the Delight's crew looks on, Marines in powered battle dress secure the TDX from the free trader's hold.