The Menorbi Partnership

Session 10 - May 2, 2019

CASE and the Joint

1100 – 006 – Regina Starport

1030 - 1115 - The Partners rendezvous at the safehouse. Froge comes over in an autocab, with their EZKleen uniforms from Julius. Martaan is trying to determine what their routine would be at Phizab. Pascal and Leah are going over cleaning droid manuals. Froge calls Jelph, who invites himself over.

1115 – 1145 - Jelph briefs them about CASE, an AI developed by Dandelion to facilitate computer and network intrusions, which they will need to partner with to carry out the Phizab operation. Jelph tells them he wants to introduce them to CASE later in the day; he also warns them that AIs are deceptively non-human, and that they have to be monitored very closely.

1145 – 1230 - Pascal synthesizes the guards' rounds from the drone footage they have been collecting on Phizab. Using this same footage, and some open source intelligence gathering, Pascal and Leah start putting together a cleaning routine for them while they are at Phizab.

1230 – 1300 - The Partners leave the safehouse to go and meet Jelph and CASE, stopping along the way for some truly dismal takeout at Orbie's.  

1300 – 1400 - Arriving at TekImport, the Partners are introduced to CASE by Jelph, who is very interested in Dandelion's whereabouts and health. CASE proceeds to subject the Leah and Pascal to puzzles of varying difficulty, as a way of assessing their skills. Leah solves all the puzzles up to the "difficult" level; Pascal solves all the puzzles up to the "challenging" level.

1400 – 1430  Jelph ends the meeting with CASE, and asks the Partners what they will need for the Phizab job.  They settle on-

* CASE, equipped with a communications rig, and a C4 charge, in case it needs to be destroyed;

* Three Gauss Pistols, each with two clips of ammunition

* One ACR, equipped with stock, site, and silencer, and two clips of ammunition

All of these things will be smuggled out of the Starport and delivered to the Partners' safehouse, prior to the operation. The van and CASE will be delivered to the safehouse the following day, prior to the operation.

1500 – 1900 - Pleased with their meeting, and revolted at their lunch, the Partners stop at AstroKebab! for a snack on the way back to the safehouse. They then dig in to their cover story, and begin working on a realistic routine for industrial office cleaning at Phizab.

1900 – 1930 - A courier arrives with the arms. Jelph arrives later, and he tells them that TekImport has seeded the Regina infoscape with a cover story of possible terrorism against biological research entities, which TekImport can leverage in the event of something unfortunate happening at Phizab.

1930 – 2230 - The Partners continue training and polishing their routine, eventually bunking down in the safehouse prior to the operation.