The Menorbi Partnership

Session 11 - July 11, 2019


1100-007 – The Safe House

0630 – 1830 - The Partners wake up in the safe house, and spend the day preparing. Leah checks in with Madeline and Fitz, and keeps an eye on the camera feeds around the Phizab campus. Martaan applies self-tanner to alter his appearance. Froge works with the cleaning droids. Leah goes out for lamb takeout at Astrokebab!

1830 - Jelph arrives with the grav transport, communications gear, and CASE. He will be the Partners' case officer and overwatch during the run. CASE has asked Pascal to be his handler.

2130 – 2144 - The Partners drive over in their EZKleen grav transport, park, and do quick onsite reconnaissance.

2200 - 2330 - The Partners enter Phizab. Froge begins in the offices, on the third floor, while Martaan and Pascal start on bungalows A, B, C, D. Martaan and Pascal fake the need for a cleaning droid repair. 

2330 - Froge begins cleaning the second floor, where he runs into a Phizab scientist, Hylaria, who is working late.

2340 – 2343 - Pascal and CASE jack in to the system.

2346 - CASE authenticates to the Phizab research mainframe.

2348 - CASE locates the relevant files on the Phizab research mainframe.

2359 - CASE's first attempt to access the files are detected by the sysadmin, who goes up to the second floor to see if Hylaria is the culprit; Froge overhears this.

0009 - CASE's second attempt to access the files fails.

0019 - CASE's third attempt to access the files succeeds and CASE begins to copy the files. A security guard comes over to the bungalow, directed by the system administrator, who has traced the unauthorized access to this terminal. Martaan spills water on the guard, in an attempt to distract him, and buy CASE the time to finish copying the files.

0024 CASE finishes copying files, but the guard catches Pascal with CASE jacked into the Phizab research network! At this point, a number of things begin to happen very quickly-

The security guard draws on Pascal, and alerts his colleagues. Martaan withdraws his hidden ACR from a cleaning droid. The guard wounds Martaan, but Martaan tranquilizes him. Pascal warns Froge that they are blown. Independently, Leah notices the guard at the main gate drawing a longarm and approaching her; Leah activates the drones to create a drone swarm. Meanwhile, a guard surprises Froge and takes him captive, not realizing he is still armed. Leah redirects a drone to go after Froge's captor. Jelph first advises Leah to surrender, and then panics, abruptly changing his mind, and tells them to fight their way out of the situation. The female guard at the main gate tells Leah to get out of the grav vehicle; Leah counters by throwing the drone swarm at the gate guard.

CASE, taking over the Phizab computer system, announces to everyone that a penetration test has is being performed at Phizab, and that they have passed with flying colors. Froge sees this as an opportunity to get the drop on the guard that has taken him captive. He falls behind, draws his pistol, and tries to tranquilize the guard, but he misses, The guard fast-draws, wheels around, and shoots Froge solidly, wounding him seriously. Froge tells the guard he was just trying to tranquilize him, and the guard confirms this by checking Froge's pistol. The guard bandages him a little, and walks Froge out to the grav vehicle.

Martaan wakes the guard he had tranquilized, and shakes his hand. Leah gets out of the grav vehicle and surrenders to the gate guard. There is another announcement by CASE that this is a penetration test. Pascal interrogates CASE, and gets an answer from a different AI, who calls itself CASEY

0054 – 0200 - Ultimately, Station Chief del'Zed collects the Partners by impersonating the company supposedly conducting the penetration test of PhiZab, dropping them back at the safe house, where they are debriefed by Jelph.