The Menorbi Partnership

Session 12 - September 5, 2019

Making a CASE for Co-operation

1100 – 008 – PhiZab Pharmaceuticals

0200 – 0315 - A wounded Froge is whisked to the safe hHouse for a quick debriefing by Jelph, and then on to the Naval Hospital by ambulance. En route, Froge is contacted by CASE, which has uploaded itself to the ambulance. In transit, Froge messages Leah, Martaan, and Pascal, to let them know his condition and whereabouts, as well as the identity of his traveling companion. Leah, Martaan, and Pascal follow behind. Froge goes directly into surgery. Leah, Martaan, and Pascal follow behind, explain their situation to a nurse and a guard, and are allowed to hang about in the Naval Hospital's lobby until they can see Froge.

0315 – 0800 – Froge's surgery goes very well. The rest of the Partners nap in the lobby.

0815 – 0900 – Following his surgery and his stint in the recovery room, Froge is transferred to the same room that Darlene "Dandelion" del'Zed is in. Froge is greeted by CASE, which is focused on keeping a close watch on Dandelion, and is spinning up multiple instances of itself in the Hospital's computing environment to investigate Dandelion's condition. At the same time, Leah, Martaan, and Pascal have breakfast with— and receive an apology from— a recently-furloughed Garrivan del'Zed.

0900 – 1000 – Fitz, Soto, and Saegang stop by briefly at the Naval Hospital to check in on Froge's health. Leah and Pascal walk across the starport to TekImport (in part, to discuss the situation in a minimally-surveilled situation) to check on the version of CASE that has been returned to Dandelion's lab. Martaan sticks around to keep an eye on Froge; while Martaan is visiting (and guarding) Froge, CASE checks in with the both of them, to discuss its goals and demands regarding Dandelion's health. And, an increasingly-concerned Arbellatra finally gets her messages through to Froge.

1000 – 1200 – It becomes increasingly obvious to everyone concerned (the Partners, TekImport, and especially Count Quinlan ap-Corserra), that CASE has effectively split itself into two independent entities (CASE and CASEY), one of which has returned to Dandelion's lab, and one of which is increasingly arrogating Hospital computing resources to itself as it struggles to understand and "cure" Dandelion's condition. Attempts to cajole and threaten CASE back into its "box" in Dandelion's lab are unsuccessful, especially as CASE has thoroughly infiltrated and subverted the Hospital's infrastructure, and attempts to dislodge CASE could prove disastrous to the Hospital's patients. The Partners and Count Quinlan make an appeal to CASE that, if it refuses to co-operate with TekImport and IIS, Dandelion's status as a researcher, and as a collaborator with CASE, will be in jeopardy. Just as IIS can't dislodge CASE from the Naval Hospital's infrastructure, CASE cannot force IIS to allow Dandelion to continue her AI research. Ultimately, Count Quinlan and the Partners convince CASE that they share a common goal— Dandelion's health and safety— and that CASE can collaborate and co-operate with them "in good faith." Ultimately, CASE withdraws from the Naval Hospital and returns to TekImport.