The Menorbi Partnership

Session 13 - February 6, 2020

Picking Up the Pieces

(Todd Wells bought dinner)

1100 – 008 – Naval Hospital and TekImport

1200 - Froge begins this session in his hospital bed at the Naval Hospital; Martaan is both his visitor and his bodyguard. Across the starport, Leah and Pascal are departing TekImport after negotiating with CASE.

1200 – 1700 - Following negotiations with CASE, Sir Quinlan ap-Corserra gives Leah her formal psionic test, in which she learns what her skills are. It turns out that she is both a telepath and a clairvoyant. (NOTE: While the players know this, their characters do not.) 

1200 – 1700 - Pascal heads back to IISS and the VES work room, and also spends a solid two hours with Pug at the range, working on his Advanced Combat Rifle skills.

1200 – 1700 While stepping outside to visit the nurse's station on Froge's ward, Martaan encounters his old flame- Cassandra ap-Tain— working as a physician in Regina's Naval Hospital. She is surprised and delighted to see him, and they exchange comms data, promising to get breakfast the next morning. Later in the afternoon, he sends Cassandra a bouquet of flowers.

1200 – 1700 Froge spends his afternoon recovering- undergoing physical and occupational therapy, taking a nap, and being taught chess by an application CASE has placed on his comm.

1700 - Froge receives a sickbed visit from Sir Riordrian van'Leyth, who introduces himself, and asks that Froge allow his daughter Arbellatra to see Froge in his current circumstances, so that she will understand that a life of adventure has its consequences. 

1730 - Saegang, accompanied by Leah and Pascal, comes from the VES workroom at IISS to the Hospital to visit Froge. She reports that the An Lang is preparing for its shakedown cruise, in two days when Froge can accompany the rest of the VES. The Partners discuss expeditionary capabilities of the VES, including some form of cryptananlysis / xenolinguistics software, and advanced sensors.  During her visit, Leah uses her new "Sense Life" psionic ability, and detects a number of nearby life-forms, including Dandelion in her bed nearby.

1930 – 2000 - Arbellatra comes to visit Froge in his hospital bed; she is affectionate, but somewhat shaken, seeing him in his condition. The rest of the Partners return to their rooms for the night.

2000 – 2100 - Back at the Travellers' Aid Society, Martaan collaborates with the hotel chef, to develop a breakfast picnic for Cassandra and himself the following morning. The chef is so charmed with Martaan's genuineness, that she in turn calls her counterpart at the Naval Hospital, and reserves the Executive Dining Room for their breakfast. 

2300 - Garrivan del'Zed comes into Froge's room to keep watch over Dandelion's bed.

1100 – 009 – Naval Hospital

0800 – 1000 Bright and early the next day, Martaan meets Cassandra with a beautiful breakfast picnic in the Executive Dining Room at the Naval Hospital. They have a long, leisurely breakfast, catching up about many things- Martaan's career in the IISS after leaving the Marines, his assigment to the VES, Cassandra's absorption in her work as a xenovirologist, and Martaan and Cassandra's mutual lack of romantic attachments. For his part, Martaan is eager ro rekindle their romance, but Cassandra is more hesitant— she kisses him on the cheek, and says they will talk later.