The Menorbi Partnership

Session 14 - March 19, 2020

Shakedown Cruise, Part One

1100 – 009 – Regina Downport

0800 – 1000 – Froge, Leah, and Pascal all receive email from Madeline instructing them that two laser batteries had been fitted onto the An Lang, that Leah had been appointed Surveyor for the expedition, and that the expedition was leaving the following day (1100-010) at 0900. In addition, one of the IISS AIs (Reggie) has worked out exploration kits for Froge, Martaan, and Pascal, and has equipped the An Lang's shipboard computer. Meanwhile, Martaan is having breakfast with Cassady.

1000 – 1700 – Leah receives permission from IISS and the Regina Up-port to leave her 100T Scout Leah's Delight in orbit around Regina. Madeline decides this is an opportunity for a crew and cargo transfer, and drafts Leah to pilot the Delight over to the An Lang to transfer VES members and their cargo; she sets the departure for orbit at 1700 today. 

Pascal says goodbye to his room-mate Gyllyan (and her parents Matthieu and LaDonna) at the Naval Hospital. Martaan says goodbye to Cassady via comm. Froge says a tearful goodbye to Arbellatra, giving her his medal for bravery in repelling boarders on the Wattever. Scrambling to wrap up their affairs and leave dirtside, the Partners empty out their TAS rooms and apartment, and their safe house, carting with them a handful of prized possessions and drones, loading the majority of the VES crew (Fitz, Pinkie, Dr. Soto, Saeagang), and leaving for orbit and the An Lang.

1700 – 2200 – Leah lifts the Delight into orbit, and works with Elwen to dock the two ships and transfer crew and cargo, finally leaving her Scout in orbit. Madeline shows the crew their cabins, and then invites them to a festive meal in the ship's mess. While moving into his stateroom, Froge realizes that the chess program installed on comm by CASE, named CHESS, is a miniature version of CASE sent along to "stow away" aboard the expedition to see more of the galaxy. Madeline then walks the crew through their stations aboard the An Lang. In the course of optimizing their stations, Fitz uncovers a security issue with the ship's computer, resulting in Froge introduces CHESS to the crew. Madeline subsequently extracts a promise of obedience out of the AI for the duration of the VES.  The crew spend the rest of the evening tweaking their stations, socializing, and moving into their cabins, and then go to sleep, preparing for departure. Fitz takes an uneventful watch from 1100-009 2200 to 1100-010 0200. 

1100 – 010 - Aboard the An Lang

0200 – 0600 – Martaan takes an uneventful watch.

0600 – 0900 – The crew wake up, have breakfast, use the fresher, and take their stations for the An Lang's shakedown cruise. 

0900 – 1000 – Saeagang and Fitz undertake a thorough review of all the ship's rooms, and all the air locks, to make sure that the ship is secure. 

1000 – 1100 – Madeline drills the crew on donning and securing their vacc suits.

1100 – 1200 – Madeline sounds "general quarters", and the crew sprint to their stations to check in and ready to break orbit.