The Menorbi Partnership

Session 15 - March 19, 2020

Shakedown Cruise, Part Two

1100 – 010 – The An Lang, in Orbit Above Regina 

1200 – 1700 – The crew of the An Lang complete four mapping and sensor calibration passes around Regina— one equatorial, on midway through the northern hemisphere, one midway through the southern hemisphere, and one around the poles. The result was a fully calibrated sensor set and a nice map of Regina. After that, the An Lang requests permission to break orbit from Regina Up-port and calls ahead to Harcourt to inform them that they are coming. The trip will take approximately 37 hours and 20 minutes. 

1100-010 (1700) – 1100-012 (0620)    En route to Harcourt, the crew of the An Lang run two competitive contests- one in marksmanship, one in unarmed combat. Martaan won the marksmanship contest, and after two successive bouts, Madeline and Pascal tied each other in the unarmed combat, and agreed to let the tie stand.

0620 – 1000 – The crew of the An Lang undertakes three passes on the Harcourt Gunnery Range, operating at increasing levels of difficulty—

  • a straight strafing pattern (three hits out of three targets)
  • a strafing pattern while evading along a random course (two hits out of three targets)
  • a strafing pattern while evading and engaged in combat (three hits out of three targets)

Following the An Lang's run at the Gunnery Range, six minor repairs had to be made—

  • Saeagang suits up for an external repair on the attitude jets
  • Froge discovers a programming error on the ship's fuel mixture during evasion
  • Pascal whacks a stuck iris valve back into functionality
  • Elwen and Madeline fix two problems with the navigation system 
  • Pinkie suits up for an external repair on a sensor shield

The An Lang then breaks orbit from around Harcourt to a jump point outside of the various gravity wells composing the Regina system, an 18 hour 40 minute journey.

1100-012 (1000) – 1100-013 (0440) – On its way to the jump point, Madeline serves a nice dinner for the crew of the An Lang, and offers to take watch after dinner, to give the crew some rest and relaxation. As the crew falls asleep, Madeline sounds general quarters, and times the crew as they rush to get to their duty stations and ready them. As the last crew grab their spots, Madeline orders the crew to prepare to jump into the Djinni system, to begin the Volunteer Emergency Survey.