The Menorbi Partnership

Session 16 - May 7, 2020

Jumping to Djinni

1100-013 – The An Lang, Leaving Regina for Djinni

0440 – The ship takes and sends mail, and then jumps for Djinni. 

1100-013 – 1100-020 – JumpSpace

The trip between systems is fairly straightforward. On 1100-013, Madeline and Froge detect a sensor coupling in need of repair, and Froge and Saeagang address it. During the trip, the crew votes as to whether CHESS should be integrated into the An Lang's computer. Madeline puts it to a vote. Elwen, Fitz, Martaan, Froge, and Pascal are in favor, with Saeagang and Soto opposed, and Leah and Pinkie abstaining. Ultimately, Madeline allows it, after putting strict constraints on the miniature tactical AI.

On the seventh day, Soto scans all the crew into the autodoc, and Madeline briefs the crew one last time on what to expect.

1100-020 – The Djinni System

0440 – Coming out of jumpspace, the ship arrives on the edge of the Djinni system, and follows a precomputed parabola that takes it to the gas giant closest to the Out of Context Problem (or OoCP, the crew's new name for the anomaly they will be investigating).

1100-020 2230 – 1100-021 0030 – After almost 18 hours in flight, the An Lang arrives on the far side of the gas giant, where they are greeted by Imperial Navy SSDB Chimera. Lieutenant Commander Jaimy Rodry, the Chimera's skipper, comes over to the An Lang  and briefs them on what the OoCP has done since it revealed itself—

  • on 1099-356, the OoCP vanished from the Chimera's sensors;
  • on 1100-008, a strange wavelength of blue light played across the wrecked seeker floating near where the OoCP was last sighted.

The An Lang determines its course of action will be to—

1) passively scan the OoCP, from within the gas giant

2) refuel the An Lang

3) launch a probe towards the OoCP, passively scanning

4) as the probe draws closer, actively scan

5) send the probe to the mining hulk

6) use the probe to scan the mining hulk (near the OoCP's last position)

7) review and plan

8) and maybe approach the hulk in the cutter?