The Menorbi Partnership

Session 18 - July 16, 2020

The Wreck of the Dragonaut

1100-024 1200 – The An Lang's Cutter, En Route to the Wrecked Seeker

1200 – 1233 – Martaan pilots Froge, Leah, Madeline, and Pascal to a position just port of the wrecked Seeker. The party suits up, and spacewalks over to the wreckage.

1233 – 1533 – Entering through the top airlock, the party explores the ruins of the Dragonaut, finding among other things—

  • the badly-decomposed, partially-disintegrated remains of the ship's pilot;
  • undelivered mail in an official IISS memory bank;
  • a strongbox addressed to "Mr. Smith / c/o Arkhassa Ushir, Captain, The Golden Fleece, General Delivery, Regina /  Regina";
  • two staterooms (one containing a comm unit);
  • an electronics shop and a mechanical shop;
  • two ore bays, one with an extra fuel tank and one about a ton of planetary material in it
  • a fully-stocked main deck, with a ship's buggy; and,
  • a (now-frozen) hydroponics farm.

1534 – 1540 - The An Lang hails the away team, letting them know that the OoCP has moved slowly towards the wreck of the Dragonaut. As the away team looks on, the OoCP pulls along side the Seeker, rotates along its axis, and opens a hatch. Martaan leaps off of the Seeker, and towards the open hatch.