The Menorbi Partnership

Session 20 - September 24, 2020

No Maps to these Territories

1100-024 1940 – Aboard the An Lang, in the Djinni System 

1941 – 2110 - Froge, Leah, Madeline, Martaan, and Pascal perform a final systems check on the cutter, and finally disembark. The crew, led by Saeagang, cheer their return, and whisk them off to Dr. Soto for examinations. He can find nothing changed with them, and nothing wrong.

2110 – 2310 – Pinkie has knit together the away team's camera footage, and the team briefs the rest of the An Lang on their experience in the wrecked seeker and aboard the OoCP. Madeline asks each away team member to provide a key takeaway from their experience—

  • Martaan – A war between "synthetics" and "naturals" is what "took out" the Ancients. The Droyne are what is left of the Ancients.
  • Froge – Humaniti (GM's note— this is the official Imperial spelling of humanity as a species) is confirmed as a genetic experiment of the Ancients. If that is the case, what will we find on Djinni? 
  • Pascal – Even with an army of graduate students, the new information we have obtained is inexhaustible— "it just sucks that I didn't have more time."
  • Leah – Are there other very dangerous artifacts left over after the war? And, are the Droyne the winners, the losers, or something else?

2345 – Madeline holds a debate and a vote as to whether the An Lang should proceed cautiously to Djinni at 1G, or get there as soon as possible, at 2G?

  • 1G – Elwen, Froge, Leah, Pascal, Pinkie, Saeagang, Soto
  • 2G – Fitz, Madeline, Martaan

The 1G contingent wins the vote— at 1G, it will take a little over 154 hours for the An Lang to pull into orbit around Djinni. The away team retires to their racks:

  • Froge writes a quick letter to Arbellatra and goes to sleep
  • Martaan works out first, and then goes to sleep
  • Pascal pours through all his footage and makes notes, and goes to sleep quite late
  • Leah goes immediately to sleep

1100-025 0200 – The An Lang leaves for Djinni at 1G, collecting sensor data as she goes

1100-026 2355 - 1100-027 0015 - The top external hatch sensor triggers and alert, and Saeagang and Fitz successfully undertake an EVA to repair it.

1100-030 1207 – The An Lang pulls into orbit around Djinni. Madeline immediately sounds general quarters, and requests Elwen plot four courses to thoroughly map the surface. Each pass will take eight hours.

1100-030 1307 – 1100-032 1807 – Mapping takes longer than expected— five passes, not four, as the fourth pole-to-pass had to be repeated due to instrument collection problems experienced by both Leah and Pinkie.

1100-032 2000 - After a couple of hours, Pascal, with help from Pinkie and Leah, manages to synthesize a map and publish the initial survey results. There are some interesting findings:

  • The planet has been terraformed. Its average "natural" temperature should be -138 C; instead, its average temperature is 14 C. The terraforming seems to consist in some sort of engine in the planet's core that drives vulcanism, raising both ocean and air temperatures;
  • The approximate location of the Ancients complex has been identified.
  • There seem to be not one but two kinds of aquatic intelligences on Djinni— one in shallower water, and one in much deeper water.

The question on Leah's mind is, "Why do this experiment here, in an unstable environment?"

2000 – 2100 – Madeline holds a debate and a vote as to whether the An Lang should undertake an exploration of the Ancients' location first, or contact one of the two intelligences—

  • Ancients – Elwen, Fitz, Froge, Saeagang, Pinkie
  • Contact – Leah, Martaan, Pascal, Soto

After hearing the argument and looking at the vote, Madeline decides that the Ancients must take precedence, as that is the focus of the VES

A loose plan is put together, with a crew manning the An Lang, a base camp being set up on the shoreline via the cutter, and two air / rafts flying inland to the location of the Ancients' signaling equipment. A debate then ensues as to who should undertake which roles.