The Menorbi Partnership

Session 21 - October 15, 2020

Planetfall on Djinni

1100-032 2100 – Aboard the An Lang, in Orbit Around Djinni

2100 – 2245 -  The VES collectively decide who is on the landing party, who will stay with the cutter, and who will stay in orbit aboard the An Lang:

  • Elwen and Pinkie will stay aboard the An Lang
  • Saeagang, Martaan, and Pascal will take the first air / raft down and select a basecamp location
  • Leah, Froge, and Fitz will take the second air / raft down and select a basecamp location
  • Madeline and Dr. Soto will pilot the cutter to basecamp

Once basecamp is established, the two air / raft teams will head to the location of the Ancient signal source and investigate.

The crew goes through its stores, and tries to decide what to bring with them to explore the Ancient signal source, what to pack in the air / rafts, and what to leave in the cutter.  An approximate basecamp site is picked out. Unfortunately, a weather analysis shows that the VES has arrived in the middle of Djinni's winter.

2245 - The crew retires to bed. Froge strips and cleans his weapons, packs and repacks for the EVA, and makes all his last minute checks. Leah sends a copy of all the survey's data so far to the System Defense Boat Chimera. Martaan writes a letter to Lady Doctor Cassandra ap-Tain. Pascal continues his studies, looking for references in the literature on the Ancients for technology involving antimatter and disintegration.

1100-033 0700 – 1200 - The two air / rafts leave for the surface, a five-hour journey. Partway down, air / raft one encounters real turbulence and goes into a tailspin. Through Saeagang's piloting, and Martaan's and Pascal's emergency in-flight repairs, the air / raft was able to recover its stability and land safely.

1300 - Following the air / rafts' landing, the cutter follows suit.

1400 - Martaan and Fitz walk the perimeter, making observations about the flora. There do not appear to be any fauna.

1530 - The air / rafts are secured to some nearby trees at the edge of the clearing, and covered over with tarpaulins.

1600 – 1700 - Fitz, Froge, Leah, Madeline, Martaan, Pascal, Saeagang and Soto have an early dinner.

1800 - In orbit, the An Lang's probe is refueled and launched. A moderate snowfall begins at basecamp.

1900 - In orbit, one of the An Lang's drones takes up station above one of the underwater concentrations of alien life. 

2200 – 1100-034 0200  Snowfall ends at base camp. The crew goes to sleep in the cramped confines of the cutter. Martaan and Froge take first watch- it is uneventful.

0200 – 0600 - Fitz and Leah take second watch, which is equally uneventful, and get to see their first sunrise on Djinni.