The Menorbi Partnership

Session 22 - November 12, 2020

Towards an Ancient Past

1100-034 0600 – Basecamp on Djinni

0600 – 0745 - The exploratory team (Fitz, Froge, Leah, Martaan, Pascal, Saeagang) have a quick breakfast, load their air / rafts, and head inland towards the location associated with the transmissions from the OoCP. 

0745 – 1600 - After many hours of flying deep into a mountainous range, the exploratory team finds themselves flying over a long, relatively narrow canyon, which runs roughly nortwest to southeast. This is approximately where the OoCP was sending its transmissions.

1600 – 1645 - A series of reconnaissance passes indicates that the valley is relatively featureless, except for a reflective, metallic structure set into the cliffside at the northwestern end of the valley. 

1645 – 2200 After some debate as to whether or not to camp in this particular valley, or to relocate to a different valley, the exploration decides to camp where it is, especially as it is losing the light. Three small tents are joined together into a little compound, and a watch order is determined-

  • Tent #1 – Leah and Saeagang – first watch
  • Tent #2 – Fitz and Froge – second watch
  • Tent #3 – Martaan and Pascal - third watch

Fitz and Martaan walk perimeter— it is earily quiet, and the only new lifeform found is a very primitive form of lichen.

Before they turn in,

  • Saeagang updates Madeline on progress
  • Leah sends all new survey findings to Pinkie and Elwin, with instructions to forward them to Jaimy Rodry and the SSDB Chimera
  •  Fitz falls asleep sharpening his knife

2200 - 1100-035 0600 -  Night watches prove uneventful.

0600 – 0900  The exploratory breakfasts, party breaks camp and pack the air / rafts, doing their level best to "leave no trace."  The relocate to within a kilometer of the metal structure in the cliffside- a large, featureless plate.

0900 – 1000 - All attempts made to interact with the metal plate prove fruitless, until Leah sits down crosslegged before it, and interrogates it psionically. The center of the plate then opens, revealing a side corridor and a ramp leading down. The group enters and begins its exploration. Leah senses life somewhere below the room they are in. A few of them hear a scritching sound from below. The door to the valley closes behind them.