The Menorbi Partnership

Session 24 - February 25, 2021

Take It to the Bridge

1100-034 1200 – Inside the Ancients' Complex on Djinni

1200 – 1900  The exploratory team holes up in the large room on the first floor of the Ancients' complex, while they recover from their wounds. There were three watches-

  • 1200 – 1430 - Leah on watch
  • 1430 – 1700 - Froge on watch
  • 1700 – 1900 - Martaan on watch  

—all of which proved uneventful.

1900 – 1915  The exploratory team develops a marching order-

  • Martaan
  • Froge
  • Leah
  • Pascal
  • Saegang
  • Fitz

—and return to exploring the complex. First, they descended from Chamber 1, room A into chamber 3, room C. Leah photographically documents room C, in part to judge if any more of the six-legged spider analogs have emerged from their chrysalides.

1915 – 2200 - The exploratory party descends through Chamber 4 to Chamber 5, where they discover that the precisely-cut masonry begins to intersect with natural fissures that appear to derive from traditional Karst topography. As the group stops to explore the fissures, Leah sets up an electronic tripwire system to alert them if anyone comes down the corridor towards them. They eventually encounter a series of bars walling off a cavern. Froge and Martaan briefly explore the fissures, and hear a rushing sound, which they eventually identify as flowing water. Deciding that the area did not warrant more exploration at the time, Leah leaves a tripwire behind to alert them if anything comes from the fissures into the chambers and corridors.

Maintaining situational awareness, and wary of ambushes, the exploratory group moves through Chambers 6 and 7. The group descend into Chamber 8, finding fissures leading to a masonry blockage (from some seismic activity), where the sound of running water is even louder. In addition, they find what appears to be a well. Sharp-eyed explorers note that this isn't actually a well— rather, it is a deep shaft leads to Chamber 9, and ends in a pool. The group uses ropes to descend the shaft, and find themselves in a room where water slowly bubbles up from the "well", which is actually a spring. They manage to open a door out of this room into a long corridor leading to a larger room with stairs leading up out of it, and a gigantic vault door. From the ceiling, a six-legged spider analog attempts to pounce on Pascal, who dodges it, and then kills it handily with his ACR, much to Martaan's pleasure. A quick review of the stairs finds them leading up to an unexplored level of corridors, which seem to be a continuation of the tunnel blocked by falling masonry found in Chamber 8. 

Leah manages to use her psionic ability to open the massive vault door, which retracts into the floor. What lies before the explorers is a large chasm with a flowing river at its bottom; the cavern is illuminated by a brilliant white light coming from a bridge spanning the cavern, and leading to another complex on the other side.