The Menorbi Partnership

Session 25 - April 15, 2021

You Can't Make an Omelette Without Breaking Eggs

1100-034 2200 – Inside the Ancients' Complex on Djinni

2200 – 2215 - Froge crosses the bridge first, and investigates the balcony on the other side, finding closed doors and markings on the wall. The rest of the exploratory party follows. 

2215 – 1100-035 0015 The group is able to open a doorway headed east. They regroup, and enter in the following order-

  • Martaan
  • Froge
  • Leah
  • Pascal
  • Saeagang
  • Fitz

The door opens into a circular room, with a gangway running its length. Below the gangway are six ovoids constructed of a milky-white translucent plastic with dark shapes visible within. Most of the group take up covering positions on the gangway, while some investigate the ovoids. One of them tampers with the ovoids, resulting in the release of a number of Ancient Droyne warriors.

As waves of Droyne leave the room and secure the rest of the complex, a number stay behind and quickly take up positions covering the party, and telepathically instruct them to put their weapons away. Froge responds by projecting thoughts that any hostile actions by the Droyne will be met in turn with force. The Ancient styling himself as "Warrior One" then disintegrates Froge's weapons and ammunition, leaving the rest of him untouched and intact.

Reading the minds of the party, Warrior One addresses the members with specific titles— 

  • Martaan - Warrior
  • Froge – Technician
  • Leah – Leader
  • Pascal – Technician
  • Saeagang – Leader
  • Fitz – Warrior

A series of individual telepathic conversations take place with different members of the group. Warrior One informs the group that they will give them a tour of the Ancient Complex before they leave it.