The Menorbi Partnership

Session 26 - July 8, 2021

Questions, Answers, Gifts, and a Farewell

1100-035 0015 – Inside the Ancients' Complex on Djinni

0015 – 0445 - The exploratory party (Fitz, Froge, Leah, Martaan, Pascal, and Saeagang) are given a complete tour of the Ancients' complex. Each room is explained telepathically to them by Warrior One, including the system that dribbles energy into Djinni's core, allowing the seas to remain liquid, and the planet to be habitable. During this, Leah, Pascal, and Saeagang manage to memorize the name of The People in their native language.

Eventually, the tour ends, and a portal opens showing a city suspended amidst the clouds. An extremely old Droyne, who identifies themself as Clindar, comes through the portal. Clindar intimates that they were one of the Ancients who originally created the vargr and humaniti millions of years ago. They address each of the group in turn, asking if they can "grant them a gift for their entire species". Five of the six are granted some kind genetic manipulation that grants them capabilities outside of the range of their normal species. 

In contrast, Dr. Pascal Lentevi is granted the opportunity to leave with Clindar through the portal into whatever parallel dimension the Ancients currently inhabit, to join them and learn about their culture, and to give Clindar insight onto how humaniti is faring. Pascal accepts, writes a quick note to his family and to Gyllan Davilla explaining things. Martaan gives Pascal his flask as Pascal gets ready to leave. Pascal then departs with Clindar. After this, Warrior One forms up his fellow warriors, and they depart from the complex in formation. Following this, the portal disappears.

The exploratory party— now minus Pascal— explores the complex, and finds everything gone, with the exception of the energy system, and a handful of throw pillows on a dais in a recreation room. Each of the party takes a pillow, and then departs the way they came.

1100-035 0515 - The exploratory party emerge on the 18th day of the 31 day winter cycle, as a moderate snowfall ends.