The Menorbi Partnership

Session 3 - August 9, 2018

Meet the Crew I / Casing the Joint

1100-03 – TekImport 

1200 – 1330 – Following an apology from Count Quinlan ap-Corserra and some of the operatives at TekImport, the Partners are briefed on an opportunity to help smuggle Dandelion into Phizab Pharmaceuticals, and provide security for her while she is there, so that she can steal data from the air-gapped research network. The mission is scheduled for 1100-010. The Partners accept. They are given directions to a TekImport safe house which they can use for planning and materials storage. They are also instructed to develop a plan and return to TekImport to brief the unnamed man and his agents at 0900 on 1100-006.

1330 – 1400 – The Partners make their way back to IISS and the VES Ready Room.

1400 – 1630 – The Partners meet three new VES team members—  

  • Dr. Soto Odayaka, the VES's physician and Surgeon. An order gentleman, originally from Terra
  • Lieutenant Commander Elwen ap-Floran, the VES's Navigator, a young officer on loan from the Imperial Navy
  • Pinkie Werdast, one of the sensor team serving under Leah, a former asteroid miner

In addition, they are briefed on the Djinni system itself, and on hypotheses regarding the Ancients. Elwen requests Leah review his course to jump into the system without being immediately visible via sensors by the mysterious asteroid. Madeline requests Leah come to a morning interview with an academic with background in the Ancients' civilization that she is considering for the VES.

1630 – 1900 - Leah purchases some surveillance technology and begins an initial survey of Phizab. Martaan and Froge begin looking for a rental property called "the safe house's safe house", so that they can have a base of operations, and a place to retreat to, in case things sour with TekImport or Phizab. They make an appointment to see a commercial property the following morning. 

1900 – 2200 - The Partners have dinner at the Travellers' Aid Society. Martaan hits the gym. Froge trades messages with Arbellatra, making a dinner date for two days hence. Leah checks Elwen's course, and does some more research on their current projects. All retire to their respective beds, expecting an early morning.

1100-04 – Travellers' Aid Society

0630 – 0800 – Leah rises, breakfasts, and realizes she has received a mysterious message from an unknown ID inviting her to a meeting at 1000. She counter-offers with an 1100 meeting at TAS, which the unknown party declines, citing privacy concerns. After a discussion, the Partners decide to rent a meeting room at a collaborative work space.

0630 – 0900 -  Froge and Martaan rise, breakfast, trade messages with Leah about the mysterious meeting she has been invited to, and then go and meet with Edt, a young real estate broker showing a property for his father. Charming Edt, they rent the property, but fail to do so completely anonymously.

Future Meetings

  • 1100-004 0800 – Madeline and Leah's breakfast meeting with their academic candidate
  • 1100-004 1100 – Meeting with the unknown ID
  • 1100-005 – Froge's date with Arbellatra
  • 1100-006 0900 – The Partners brief TekImport on their Phizab proposal