The Menorbi Partnership

Session #30 - December 16, 2021

Eleven to Get Ready

1100-037 2300 – VES Conference Room Aboard the Azhanti High Lightning, in Orbit Above Djinni

2300 - 0100 - After another long (but successful) day, the VES members scatter for some much needed rest and relaxation:

  • Madeline, Pinkie, and Soto return to their quarters and go to bed;
  • Leah does some psionic training, and ultimately asks Count Quinlan for insights into the psionic training process;
  • Alric, Elwin, Froge, Martaan, and Saeagang all head off for a well-deserved drink at the Officers' Club;
  • Fitz and Ujilka go to the gym to exercise and wind up sparring on the matts— the match goes to Fitz, who shows Ujilka som unarmed combat techniques. After a quick shower, they too end up in joining the others in the Officers' Club for a drink.

As a treat, Martaan mixes a drink for his colleagues in the VES.

In the Officers' Club, the VES members are briefly joined by Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jordress Carth, who obliquely discusses the VES with them, and wishes them well.

After a round or two, one by one the VES members return to their quarters. Martaan cleans up, and is the last to leave. Everyone is asleep by 0100.

1100-038 0500 - Of the VES members, Froge rises first, for PT and coffee.

0600 - Martaan rises, and starts the day with PT. Elwin, Fitz, Madeline, Pinkie, Saeagang, and Soto also rise, pack, have breakfast, and begin loading their gear back into the An Lang and the Leah's Delight. 

0800 – 0856 - Leah rises at 0800, and Ujilka at 0856.

0900 – The VES divides itself between the two ships—

An Lang

  • Madeline – Pilot, Captain of the An Lang, VES Leader
  • Saeagang – Chief Engineer, Executive Officer 
  • Elwin – Navigator
  • Pinkie – Sensor Officer
  • Fitz – Tactical Officer, sensor operator
  • Ujilka - Tactical Officer, sensor operator
  • Alrik – Contact Officer, computer operator

Leah's Delight

  • Leah – Chief Surveyor, Pilot
  • Froge – Engineering Officer, drone deployer
  • Martaan – Gunnery Officer, sensor operator
  • Soto – Ship's Surgeon

0930 – The VES prepares to depart the Azhanti High Lightning.