The Menorbi Partnership

Session #31 - January 20, 2022

First Pass

1100-038 0930 – The Hangar Deck of the Azhanti High Lightning

0930 – 1030 Leah's Delight and the An Lang maneuver out of the Azhanti High Lightning's hangar and proceed to orbit around Djinni in order to employ their new sensor signatures and find concentrations of the two aquatic races engineered (and protected?) by the Ancients. Four mapping passes will be required to fully use the new sensor signatures and detect concentrations of the alien lifeforms- one equatorial pass, one polar pass, one pass for the northern hemisphere, and one pass for the southern hemisphere.

1031 – 1331 - First mapping pass (equatorial) completed.

1332 – 1631 - Second mapping pass (mid-southern hemisphere) completed.

1632 – 2031 Third mapping pass (mid-northern hemisphere) begun, but something anomalous happens towards the very end- a cetacean-like lifeform is detected near the northern pole, and suddenly disappears.

2032 – 2130 - In about an hour, Leah's Delight drops out of orbit and arrives on station where the cetacean lifeform was last seen to scan more closely, and determine to where it disappeared.

2131 – 2140 About ten minutes into scanning, the crew of Leah's Delight- Leah, Froge, Martaan, and Soto— identifies a huge cetacean-like creature. The Delight's scanning somehow triggers a response from the creature, filling their heads with incredible polyphonic music, and Leah loses consciousness.

2141 - Leah's Delight flees into orbit to renezvous with the An Lang.

2230 - Leah regains consciousness.

2245 – 2345  Leah's Delight rendezvous and docks with the An Lang. Madeline convenes a conference to review what happened, and also requests a straw vote regarding what the VES should do- should it finish its mapping passes, or immediately pursue further scanning and contact with the cetaceans—

  • Martaan, Pinkie, and Saeagang want to finish the scanning passes before attempting anything else;
  • Soto wants to stop altogether and rethink the VES's approach; and,
  • Alrik, Elwen, Fitz, Froge, Leah, and Ujilka all want to focus on the cetaceans.      

Madeline agrees that the focus should shift to the cetaceans.