The Menorbi Partnership

Session #33 - May 26, 2022

The Moving Islands

1100-039 1300 – The An Lang and Leah's Delight, in Orbit around Djinni

1300 – 1400 - The VES breaks for lunch, discussing the recent events.

1400 – 1500 A communications and linguistic analysis comparing the message Froge received purporting to be from CHESS with the away team's recorded interactions with the OoCP highlights strong parallels between the two. However, the message just seems to "appear" in Froge's cabin- an energy analysis can't uncover a vector of transmission.

1500 – 1800 - The An Lang undertakes the last of its four survey passes of Djinni, in this case, of the southern hemisphere.  While this takes place, Leah prepares the Delight for planetfall.  

1800 – 1930 While the VES is analyzing and synthesizing the sensor data, Pinkie comes to a startling conclusion- some of the islands seem to be moving.

1930 – 2130  Training the An Lang's formidable sensor array on one of the "moving islands", and make the following discoveries-

  • A neural scan definitely shows activity— but does this reflect multiple life-forms, or the island itself?
  • The island is substantially less dense than a comparable volume of stone;
  • The heat signature of a moving island is substantially warmer than that of a stationary island; and,
  • There seems to be some kind of gas exhausted from the island— could this be an indication of respiration?

1100-039 2130 – 1100-041 2200 - The Away Team begins to prepare for its trip dirtside the following day:

  • Leah doublechecks the Delight's air / raft;
  • Froge doublechecks and loads the team's away kits;
  • Alric continues his communications analysis of the "whale song", attempting to synthesize a working vocabulary;
  • Martaan begins to synthesize a tactical battlemap of the island, and trades messages with Lady Cassandra ap-Tain;
  • Soto assembles a ship's surgery on the Delight; and,
  • Ujilka is redeployed to the Azhanti High Lightning.

The away team make sure to pack the eight artificial psionic shield helmets.

1100-041 0400-1200 - The Delight makes it's way from orbit to a northerly continent, near the polar ice cap, to observe one of the moving islands. The Delight is near the seashore, about two meters in elevation above sea level.