The Menorbi Partnership

Session #34 - July 21, 2022

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

1100-041 1200 – Djinni, the Shore of a Northerly Continent, Near a Moving Island

1200 – 1600 - The away party deploys a crab drone to explore the underside of the moving island.

They also put in a request to the An Lang to analyze the movement of the floating islands:

  • Do they move with or against the current?
  • Do they seem to follow a specific path or course?

Leah's Delight's sensors reveal that there is C02 coming off of the floating island.

The crab drone explores the underside of the floating island and finds a mixture of a coral reef and an underwater kelp garden. A huge variety of fish and other lifeforms inhabit the underside of this island, including larger and smaller fish, rays, trilobite-like creatures, and large shark-like creatures.

The first crab drone is sent to the center of the moving island— a journey of three hours. A separate crab drone is sent with a bucket to retrieve a kelp sample. In the meantime—

  • Alric works on the likelihood that the island is actually respirating;
  • Froge works with Pinkie;
  • Leah and Soto are working on the kelp, which they discover has limited motility; and,
  • Martaan walks the shore, looking for sea shells, finding a wide variety of them.

Pinkie determines that, in some cases, the floating islands are moving against the current.

1600 – 1700 The crab drone reaches the center of the island and finds the snow has melted and that the temperature is significantly higher than that of the surrounding air; it then flies back to the Delight. The away team then has an early dinner.The away team set watches for the night-

1600 – 1900 - Leah stands watch;

1700 – 1800 - The away team puts up a simple drone perimeter. Froge and Martaan go for a run by the seashore, speculating about Djinni, the floating islands, and the Ancients.

1900 – 2200 - Martaan stands watch, and trades comm messages with Lady Cassandra;

2200 – 0000 - Froge stands watch;

1100-042 0000 – 0300 - Soto stands watch;

0300 – 0600 - Alric stands watch, and continues his respiratory analysis.

0600 – 0700 - The away team has a quick breakfast.

0700 – 0900 - Alric, with Leah's assistance, is able to prove that the island is either a living being, or a system that exactly models a living being.