The Menorbi Partnership

Session #35 - September 29, 2022

Shovelling Snow on New Menorb Island

1100-042 0900 – Djinni, the Shore of a Northerly Continent, Near a Moving Island

0900 – 0930 The away team loads equipment into their air/raft, and then suits up-

  • Alric and Froge wear their wet suits;
  • Leah wears her wet suit under her combat environment suit; and,
  • Martaan wears his combat environment suit. 

0931-1000 –  The away team travels to a floating island, which Martaan christens "New Menorb Island."

1000 – 1200 Over the course of the next 90 minutes, the away team-

  • Five minutes in, the group begins noticing that all the plants are exactly two meters apart;
  • Seven minutes in, the group begins noticing that the insects are all flying one centimeter apart;
  • 12 minutes in, the insects form up and make a 3D image of each of the party’s faces in turn— Leah, Alric, Forge, and finally Martaan;
  • 15 minutes in, members of the party begin to become extraordinarily calm;
  • 20 minutes in, members of the party begin humming or singing a little tune;
  • 25 minutes in, members of party begin walking quickly to the center of the island; and,
  • After 30 minutes, members reach the center of the island, and begin undertaking a task at the behest of the island, in this case, sweeping away snow from the central mound of the island.

Only Alric manages to partially resist the influence of the island, and, testing a theory, injects himself and the rest of the away team with stimulants, allowing them to shake off the influence of the island. They then jog back to the beach where they landed their air/raft, and proceed at speed away from New Menorb Island, back to their base camp, where they realize they have left their psionic shield helmets.

1200 – 1300 Over lunch, with Dr. Sato, the away team discuss what just happened-

  • Is the island's ecology controlled by a single organism?
  • Is it a hive mind?
  • Is this a protective system, and not part of the ecosystem?
  • How can we talk to the big mind?
  • Was the island attempting to integrate the away team into its ecosystem?
  • What was the dome in the artificial, or organic?

1300 – 1400 - The away team launches a solo drone mission to New Menorb Island. The drone is able to determine that the island's insects are just insects, and it is able to get a sample of the island, which proves to be dead skin cells. Meanwhile, aboard the An Lang, Pinkie begins synthesizing a chorale based on all the song fragments sung by the away team.