The Menorbi Partnership

Session #36 - October 13, 2022

First Contact

1100-042 1400 – Djinni, the Shore of a Northerly Continent, Near New Menorb Island

1400 – 1430 - Concluding their discussions, and taking along their psionic shield helmets, the away team (Alrik, Froge, Leah, and Martaan) plan to return to New Menorb Island, in a second attempt to contact the living island.

1430 – 1500 - Boarding their air / raft, the away team makes their way back to New Menorb Island.

1500 – 1530 - The away team makes their way to the center of the island unaffected by the island's attempts to integrate them with the island's song, and begins again to try again to make contact, starting by clearing away the snow from the island's center, which they suspect to also be a cluster of sense organs.

1700 - The away team manages to establish a telepathic / cognitive link with the island entity!

1730 - The away team manages to establish humans as a new and unique category in the mind of the island entity!

1800 – 1830 - The away team returns to base camp for dinner with Dr. Soto, and find him sitting shikantaza, awaiting their return.