The Menorbi Partnership

Session 4 - September 20, 2018

A Scoop, or an Expose?

1100-04 – Regina Starport

0900 – 0915 – Dr. Leah Laria and Madeline ap-Corserra interview and hire Dr. Pascal Lentevi, a postdoctoral research assistant in xenoarcheology at the University of Regina, focused on the Ancients' technology.

0915 – 1230 - After being hired for the VES, Dr. Pascal Lentevi spends his morning in the team's ready room, working with Pinkie Werdast, who trains him on the sensor array on the Donosev-class An Lang. He later spends time writing programs attempting to data mine something interesting out of the available sensor data and footage, but is unable to find anything with clear significance.

0915 – 0930 – Leah leaves for PodThinkers, where she rendezvous with Martaan and Froge, in preparation for their meeting with their unknown caller.

0930 – 0945 - Froge, Leah, and Martaan roust a slender, fit-looking man with dirty-blonde hair which has grown into a huge forelock from a conference room, where he has apparently been bivouacked. Shouldering his shoulder pack (which includes a sleeping bag), as well as a large cardboard tube (containing his "business presentation system"), he leaves, rather amiably.

0945 – 1100 - The Partners then rent an adjacent conference room from PodThinkers (from which Froge and Martaan can surveil Leah's meeting), and bug Leah's conference room, collecting full video and audio. Martaan then goes downstairs, and prompts the PodThinkers desk clerk to remember everything he can about the Partners' mystery visitor, as part of an actor characterization exercise.

1100 – 1130 – The visitor, a "Mr. Jones" arrives, dropped off a block or so away by grav vehicle. He is tall, with long black hair and a thick beard. He knows Leah has been hired as part of the VES, and claims to represent a journal that will pay handsomely for her story upon her return. Leah turns "Mr. Jones" down, and he leaves, dawdling his way up and down the street, before hailing an autocab. In retrospect, Martaan believes "Mr. Jones" may have been running a surveillance detection routine to unmask pursuers.

1130 – 1200 - Leah contacts Madeline ap-Corserra, who is very disturbed by this news, and requests the Partners to return to their ready room at IISS.  Martaan debriefs the would-be thespian desk clerk at Pod Thinkers. An after-the-fact review of the surveillance footage suggests "Mr. Jones" may have been wearing a fairly subtle mask.

1200 – 1230 – Hailing an autocab, the Partners return to IISS, and rejoin the rest of the team in the ready room. On the cab ride to IISS, the Partners receive a message from Madeline instructing them to begin putting their equipment requisition and purchase list together.

1330 – 1430 - Pascal is evaluated by IISS Range Safety Officer Pug, and it is determined that the best weapon for him to carry on the VES is an ACR.

1430 -1530 - Madeline ap-Corsera debriefs the Partners on their meeting with "Mr. Jones," and changes security protocols for the VES as a result, determining that the VES team's badges were the reason that "Mr. Jones" could identify Leah as a VES team member.