The Menorbi Partnership

Session 6 - December 6, 2018

Snatch and Grab

1100-005 - Regina Starport

0700 - The Partners meet at IISS for breakfast, and establish a duress code ("Pixie"). Garrivan del'Zed informs the Partners that he wants to advance the time frame of the job for TekImport.

0800 – 0930 - Fitz and Saegang join the Partners; Fitz leaves through a different exit, heading back to his hotel, in the hopes of ambushing whomever is stalking the VES. Martaan and Froge leave and order cleaning company uniforms from a local merchant, Julius. 

0830 – 1000 – Leah and Pascal go to the safehouse, to test out the drones they have purchased. At

1000 – 1100 -  Martaan and Froge join Leah and Pascal at the safehouse, and continue prep for their TekImport mission.

1100 – 1230 The Partners receive from a call from Fitz- he's apprehended someone trying to bug his hotel room, but has been stabbed. He asks for a pickup from the Partners. Madeline finds a grav service vehicle, and has it delivered outside the safehouse. Madeline drives the Partners to Cheaphotel.

1230 – 1315 - Froge bribes his way up to Fitz's room in Cheaphotel. He patches up Fitz, and they load  the intruder Fitz has captured and trussed up (Strangka Artaking) through Fitz's window and into the hovering service vehicle. The Partners call Madeline to let her know what they've done; Dr. Soto, watching his comm, learns of the Partner's predicament, and agrees to meet the grav van. The Partners leave with their captive, planning to rendezvous with Soto in a quiet parking garage nearby. Fitz stays to "clean up" after the bloody encounter, ultimately burning part of the room's rug in the tub. 

1315 - 1345 - Parked in a parking garage, the Partners, Soto, and Fitz interrogate Strangka. They then plan to snatch Strangka's partner (Dagratha) who is surveilling IISS

1345 – 1415 – With Leah, driving, and Froge and Martaan doing countersurveillance, the team tranquilizes and snatches Dagratha from out in front of IISS' Regina headquarters. They then take her to IISS, where she is sedated and held in an improvised holding cell at Pug's firing range. In the midst of debriefing Madeline and Saegang, Pascal gets a call from one of their adversaries, the former pirate, who is calling from his apartment using his roommate Gyllyan's comm. He has taken Gyllan captive, painfully so, and wants to force an exchange with Dagratha.