The Menorbi Partnership

Session 9 - March 28, 2019

"Help! Come FInd Me!"

1100 – 005 – Regina Starport

2200 - Given the circumstances, Madeline declares a two-day holiday for all VES personnel, knowing that many of them will be shuttling back and forth between IISS and the local Naval Base to be debriefed by Imperial personnel on the events surrounding the break-ins, kidnapping, hostage exchange, as well as the pursuit and capture of a Zhodani spy. Martaan gets his ribs checked out, and returns to TAS. Pascal goes to Gyllyan's room to nap and keep an eye on her. Leah returns to Leah's Delight along with Fitz (who just tries to recuperate) and Pinkie (who passes the time doing some odd calisthenics.

1100 – 006 – Regina Starport

0430 – 0445 - Aboard the Delight, Leah is awoken from a sound sleep by a call for help. She searches inside and outside the ship and can't find anyone, and asks Fitz and Pinkie if they had heard the call, or even if they made a call, but neither of them know anything about it. She comms Martaan and Pascal and tells them her situation, waking Martaan up. By 0445, Leah has "heard" the same call three times. Somehow, by focusing on "the call," she receives an image of the TekImport complex. Leah decides to head for TekImport accompanied by Pinkie, and comms both Madeline and Garrivan del'Zed that she's headed there. She hears back from Saeagang (answering for Madeline) and Garrivan, who says he will meet her there. Pascal finally wakes up, and heads to TekImport. Martaan heads there as well.

0445 – 0600 - Leah, Pinkie, Pascal, and Martaan all arrive at TekImport, to find themselves joined by Count Quinlan ap-Corserra (who telepathically messages Leah, "You will have to be trained"). Shortly afterwards, a detachment of Imperial Marines arrives, along with Station Chief del'Zed, to secure TekImport's perimeter. A small group, including Leah, Count Quinlan, and Station Chief del'Zed, enter TekImport, and use TekImport's AI to find Darlene "Dandelion" del'Zed unconscious in her workshop, with a nosebleed, hooked up to some kind of psionic "amplifier" of her own construction. 

0600 – Garrivan del'Zed accompanies Dandelion to the Imperial Naval Hospital, and the group scatters— most return to the Starport and IISS. It has become clear to Count Quinlan and Station Chief del'Zed that the Partners will have to complete Dandelion's role in the Phizab job, as she will be in no shape to undertake the mission. 

0630 – 0900 – Meanwhile, Froge and Arbellatra spend the morning together, showering, breakfasting, and talking about their lives. Arbellatra opens up about her family, her mother (a decorated Naval officer, Captain Elderanna van'Leyth, who was killed in combat), her father's subsequent overprotecton, and her older brother Clem's apathy and dissolution. Froge draws parallels from his own experience growing up on Menorb. He urges Arbellatra to complete her university education before enlisting in any of the Imperial services, and extracts a reluctant promise from her to this effect. They part reluctantly— him to TAS, and her to the University.

0900 – 0930 – Pascal returns to Gyllyan's bedside in the Imperial Naval Hospital with Martaan, only to encounter Gyllyan's parents. They attempt to fast-talk their way out of a more complete explanation of the kidnapping, only to stumble, and wilt before Gyllyan's parents' resolve to learn the truth. They draw Station Chief del'Zed down from another floor; he reads Gyllyan's parents into the events surrounding the kidnapping, which seems to satisfy them. 

1030 – With trepidation, the Partners begin planning the Phizab run. Leah is able to synthesize a cleaning regimen for Phizab, and Froge goes to Julius's to pick up their EZKleen uniforms.