The Menorbi Partnership

Session 1 - June 7, 2018
Well-Met on Regina

1100-001 - The Partnership reunites on Regina after mustering out


1100 - Leah gets a berth at IISS for her detached scout ship Leah's Delight and lands at Regina's Downport.  Froge's captain detaches a pinnace from the Heavy Cruiser Whatever to ferry him to Regina's Downport.  Maarten gets a seat on the passenger shuttle from Regina's Upport Hub to the Downport. The Partners meet at the Holographic Globe in the center of Regina's Downport.

1200 – 1800 - Drinks at the Travellers' Aid Society. The Partners are met by Count Quinlan ap-Corserra, who joins them for drinks. Reviewing the advertisements at TAS, they discuss the Volunteer Emergency Survey, and Quinlan reports that his sister, Madeline, is leading the survey.  On behalf of the Partners, he calls Madeline, who responds curtly, stating she will review their credentials. The Partners transmit their credentials to Madeline. The Count continues his discussion with the Partners, and recommends that they discuss a short-term employment opportunity with TekImport (whose credentials he transmits to you). The Count leaves the Partners, but not before buying them dinner and paying in advance for three TAS rooms, should they want them.      

1800 – 2400 - Leah returns to Leah's Delight at IISS. Maartan goes the TAS gym to exercise, before turning in at TAS. Froge cleans himself up, and returns to the TAS bar, where he hits it off with a pretty young TAS bartender, Arbellatra.

1100-002 - 


0000 – 0800 – Froge and Arbellatra take a room a local Startown motel, enjoy each other's company, and part very amicably, Arbellatra returning to her apartment to continue her day, and prepare for another shift bartending at the Regina TAS.

0800 – 1200 - The Partners receive invitations from Madeline ap-Corserra to interview for the VES. They eat breakfast, and meet up at IISS to interview for their new position.

1200 - IISS staff escort the Partners into a conference room, where Madeline ap-Corserra offers them Cr100,000 each for the VES, but tells them they have to accept before briefing them. The Partners accept. Madeline then tells them of Djinni, the mining craft, and its fate.  

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