Froge Brison

5' 11", nordic, longish hair,


Strength – 8
Dexterity – D
Endurance – 9
Intelligence – A
Education – 9
Social Standing – 7

Medical -3
Pistol -1
Carbine -1
Mechanical -1

Special Ability granted by Clindar: psionic ability to intuitively sense wounds, sickness, and disease— won’t know terms, but can sense tumors, perform surgery, etc.
+2 to Medical

VES Equipment—
ACR (with laser sight silencer) and ammunition
Gauss Pistol and ammunition
Combat Environment Suit (Scout issue)
Vacc Suit
First Aid Kit
Emergency Beacon
Goggles, Light Intensifier
Sleeping Bag
Water Purification Tablets
Filtration Canteen
Survival Kit, Individual
O2 tanks (several)
Protective masks (several)
Intertial Locator
Underwater exploration suit

Froge Brison

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