Martaan Anders

6' 1", reddish crewcut, golden eyes, fatigues, prosthetic arm


Strength – A (1)
Dexterity – A (
Endurance – C (2)
Intelligence – 7
Education – A (
Social Standing – A(+1)

Cutlass – 1 Gunnery- 1 Jack-Of-All-Trades- 2 Mechanical- 1 Pilot – 1
Pistol – 1 Rifle – 2 Tactics – 2 (4)

Special Ability granted by Clindar – limited ability to foresee all possible scenarios in
+2 to Tactics

Gear (as of Muster)
Cutlass Gauss Rifle Credits 19,000

VES Equipment—
Gauss Rifle and ammunition
Gauss Pistol and ammunition
Combat Environment Suit (Scout issue)
Vacc Suit
First Aid Kit
Emergency Beacon
Goggles, Light Intensifier
Sleeping Bag
Water Purification Tablets
Filtration Canteen
Survival Kit, Individual
O2 tanks (several)
Protective masks (several)
Intertial Locator
Underwater exploration suit


Born on Menorb, Anders was originally more interested in rugby than school, until his friends convinced him he needed brains as well as brawn to get off the dirt ball. He developed a curiosity about the universe, and began reading and taking extension courses even during high school.

Anders immediately singed up for the Marines upon graduation making progress to Corporal… when the Fourth Frontier War broke out. He advanced up to Sgt. and Brevet Lt. as his Platoon came under mortar fire. A successful counter attack gained him recognition, and some media play as ‘local boy done good, fighting for the Empire!’ He was shifted to accelerated OCS, and returned to the field, participating in the Battle Of Two Suns.

Shortly after, he was demobilized, and honorably discharged. Imperial Intelligence had two notes of concern on him… one, the mercy killing of a mortally wounded Vargr POW before he could be processed, the second a dalliance with an Imperial official… who happened to be the daughter of an Admiral.

Who was not happy with his daughter’s support of Marine morale.

It was agreed for Anders that there was no reason to punish him… or harm his newly enhanced reputation. Rather, Anders was invited to join the Scouts, where his curiosity, and personal sense of honor over procedure, would be a better fit. It was disappointing, and to this day Anders still keeps his Marine Rank, and aspects of his Marine Uniform as part of his Scout gear and work clothing.

Finding that the Scout Service respected his experience, appreciated his physical capabilities, and was more than willing to put him to the test, Anders found a home with the service, becoming a field explorer and increasing his combat experience. He quickly became known for pulling solutions out of his tangle of studies, certifications, and tricks learned from more experienced scouts.

During his third term of service, second as a Scout,, Anders was surveying a world when the local wildlife decided to test his viability as a food source. He lost his left arm, but killed the creature who ate it, delivering what was left of the corpse to his team. His replacement arm features one small enhancement… a, temperature controlled storage slot for a 50ml tightly sealed bottle… usually containing chilled whisky.

Not enough to get drunk, but just enough to share a sip with a peer, or take a private moment during the day.

On his fourth term, third as Scout, Anders was on a prolonged survey and had almost received his Navigation certification, when the ship he was assigned to was attacked by pirates. The turret Anders was arming was compromised by fire, forcing him to seal it off to prevent explosive decompression. He suffered an aneurism, his team managing to save him with some impressive, if less then elegant, field surgery. There is a small break in his hairline where the scar shows, and he lost several months of memory.

Dropped off on Regina as his old ship, ’Kitano’s Lowalaa,’ took a moment to refuel and jump off, Anders barely had time to grab his ruck and take the Space Elevator down. Finally, it was time for him to catch back up with his childhood friends. The Empire good give, and take… but it was time for him to build his own life.

Martaan Anders

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